This Marriage Shows Why Love Isn’t About Appearance.

Love… true love… goes far beyond the physical appearance. And if more people could understand that, there might just be a lot more love in this big old world. Xu Qinqin, of China, is 21 now, but when she was only a month old when a rat crawled into her baby basket and bit off her entire nose.

Imagine China

Her face would be disfigured for life. In school, she was relentlessly made fun of by her classmates and had to quit school because she could not take any more of the bullying. When she got a job at a clothing manufacturer, she was again made fun of by her colleagues and had to quit. She isolated herself, and the Internet became her only connection to the outside world. But through it, she met Lin Zhouqiang, who was 23. They quickly became chatting buddies and soon, a romance began.

Imagine China

After about a month, Lin asked Xu to marry him, because he could only see the true beauty of Xu, and the disfigurement did not matter one bit. And now the two say they will face any obstacles, ridicule or criticism together for the rest of their lives.

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