This Waiter Got A Fantastic Gift After He Helped A Crying Woman.

Kasey Simmons, a 32-year-old server at Appleby’s, was in the grocery store one day when he noticed an elderly woman seemed like she was very upset over something. So he went up to her and offered to pay for the small amount of groceries she had, hoping that would make her feel better.
Kasey Simmons
Well, she was certainly surprised by it. And it was something Kasey didn’t mind doing. After all, it was only $17 and he had always enjoyed helping people out when he could just to give them a smile and, selfishly, as he admits, lift his own spirits. They did a little small talk… him letting her know where he works and such…and the two went their separate ways. The next day, as Kasey was working his job as Appleby’s, a family came in and ordered one flavored water… for 37 cents.
Kasey Simmons
Then they left. When Kasey went back to clear the table, he found a tip from them for $500. He was perplexed, to say the least. With the large tip, he found a handwritten note on a napkin. It was written by the adult daughter of the woman he had helped in the grocery store the day before.
Kasey Simmons
The daughter thanked him for his incredible kindness to her mother on such a difficult day for her. That day was the third anniversary of the death of the woman’s husband, and the daughter’s father. And it meant so much to her that, on such a sad day, the young man bought her groceries and showed genuine care and compassion without asking for anything in return. The daughter wrote: “You made my mother’s day wonderful.” Kasey only wanted to make the elderly woman feel some happiness. He certainly didn’t expect this in return.
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