Thrift Store Boss Wants Me To Return The Bag I Paid For As I Innocently Shared The Actual Price.

There are times when you love something alot and have to wait patiently for you to buy the things or get it in your hands. Such was the case in this story where a woman working in a thrift shop eyed a bag patiently. Read the story to know what happened and let us know what you would do in such a situation.

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I (19F) work at a thrift store 3 days a week. It’s quite a big one, and a lot of people in my area come and shop there. Every product is labeled in accordance with a color-coded system, and the color changes every week. Furthermore, there is a section in the store that sells the more expensive donations (mostly brands). These products are usually sold at a higher price.

I’m a very low-level employee and my job is to place the products on the shelves and on the poles. Because of that, I see what is about to be sold in advance. However, I can’t buy anything that is labeled with the color of the week. So, for example, if this week’s color is red, I have to wait until the next week to buy anything labeled in red.

Now, I usually work on weekends + a random day of the week. Two weeks ago, it fell on a Tuesday. That meant that we had just started a new color, yellow. As I was putting bags on a shelf, I realized that one of them was from a very expensive fashion brand. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to recognize it, but because I spend too much time on Pinterest, I immediately started panicking. This bag, which usually retails for a few thousands, is on sale at a thrift store for 12.99? I was going to faint. Unfortunately for me, because it was labeled in yellow, I couldn’t have it. Because it’s not the first time this sort of thing happened, I calmed down, put the bag back in his place and continued my job.

As I was going on with my day, I kept going back to the same section, praying that no one had taken it. At the end of my shift, I saw that it was still there and I decided that, if no one had bought it, I would. Four days later, I came back to start my day and I saw that the bag was still there, but it was now further back on the shelf, behind some other ones. I didn’t touch anything, I kept doing my job. Did the same on Sunday.

Last Monday, I woke up and went there to shop. As soon as i entered the store, i went to the bag section and took the bag, beelined to checkout and bought it. I was so excited. I guess some of my excitement was showing because my coworker asked me why I was smiling. Me and this coworker usually get on well and I explained to her the situation. She smiled and told me she was happy for me.

Last Saturday, while on my shift, my boss called me into his office to talk. He was with one of my managers and they went on to tell me that I had acted inappropriately by not notifying them of the price of the bag. They asked that I return it so that they would put it back on sale, this time at a much higher price. I told them no, because I followed the policy. They weren’t happy, but they couldn’t force me.

Yesterday, when I got to work, my coworkers kept on making remarks and my managers had this unhappy look on their faces. I explained the story to my friend and she said that even if it’s my bag, it’s not fair that I kept the information for myself. So am I a Jerk? I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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