Today marks Robin Williams’ 71st birthday. His final remarks before passing away are revealed by his wife.

It’s difficult to think that one of the greatest comedians the world has ever known has been gone for over ten years. 63-year-old Robin Williams, a beloved actor, passed away in August 2014 from Lewy body dementia. His passing astounded the whole globe, including his devoted followers who remembered the numerous occasions the actor made an enduring impression on film and in their hearts.

On this day, July 21, he would have turned 71. Williams had a unique presence—a gifted actor with such passion that he could simultaneously make audiences laugh out loud and cry.

Susan Williams, the comedian’s widow, spoke up about her husband’s passing and the true reason for it in the aspirations that it might be helpful to others dealing with the same ailment her husband had been battling. Williams spent a weekend doing activities his wife liked just before he passed away, displaying his real, compassionate side. She stated that on Saturday, they indulged in all of their favorite activities throughout the day and into the evening. It was like one continuous date. She sensed that he was getting better by Sunday night.  He never did, though. Robin did not pass away from depression. One of, say, 50 symptoms was depression, and it was a minor one.

The actor began to experience the effects of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), which can lead to anxiety, delusions, and reduced mobility, in the year prior to his passing. Susan noted that her husband’s illness was like having a “terrorist within his head.”

She penned that Robin was conscious of the fact that he was becoming crazy. Can you fathom the suffering he went through as he saw himself fall apart? And not from anything he would ever recognize or comprehend? No amount of knowledge or love could stop it; neither he nor anybody else could. The bereaved widow sought to spread knowledge about LBD in order to save more lives.

She described the actor’s final words as follows: “Goodnight, my love,” her husband spoke to her as they often did before going to bed, and he waited for his regular response of “Goodnight, my love.” Even now, his words continue to ring in her ears. On August 11th, Robin vanished. Time has never worked the same for her since Robin departed. Her quest for purpose has spread like an unstoppable spring into almost all facets of her life, even the most routine.

The Aladdin actor took part in a Q&A on the social media platform Reddit in 2013, a year before his passing. He stated to CNN that he thought the key to life was “friends and family. And a decent pet. Pugs are the epitome of true devotion, and anyone going through a difficult period should “reach out to pals.” They are present. And be aware of your affection.”

To the amazing soul Robin Williams, rest in peace.

A Look At Robin Williams' Amazing Life

We're celebrating the life and legacy of Robin Williams, who would have been 71 years old today. ❤️

Posted by People on Thursday, 21 July 2022

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