Toddler With Special Needs Sees His Parent’s For The First Time Thanks To….

Story via T&T Creative Media

Jaxon, 3, spent the first 255 days of his life in the hospital. He was diagnosed with chromosomal abnormality known as DiGeorge syndrome which is a 22q11.2 deletion. A tiny piece of his 22nd chromosome is missing that can lead to multiple abnormalities. Due to his condition, Jaxon had to experience two heart surgeries and in the future he might have to do two more.

Charles Emberton and Cassie Booth, parents of Jaxon, couldn’t believe their son had bad eyesight so they took a second opinion where they were told that glasses would definitely help him.

At once when Jaxon tried his new glasses for the first time on April 13 at Children’s of Alabama, his face lit up with joy and the way he expressed with a cute smile is a sign that now his world had opened up.

The parents shared the happy moment hoping to raise knowledge of their special condition.

A GoFundMe page has been raised by the family since they need funds for a new vehicle that will fit Jaxon’s wheelchair and equipment as he grows older.

To know more about Jaxon’s condition you can find out in

It’s refreshing to see Jaxon smile proving there’s hope and bringing positivity in today’s time. May the cute little Jaxon always be happy.

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