Neighbor Left A Note On Newly Shifted Tenants Windshield That Left Them In Tears.

Animals need love and care just like we humans. They too should be treated rightly. Here is a truly refreshing story that will make you believe there is still good in this world. (Thanks Faith for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit


Hello, My name is Amy Jackson and I’ve heard that you might be new owners (or long term renters) from your neighbor across the street. You have probably noticed the 3 bowls and an orange/white cat in the back yard. His name is “Cujo” and we have permission from the current (or previous owner) to feed him there. Here is a bit of context that I provided to the neighbor across the street when she expressed concern.

“My parents lived on 42nd street/Oceanfront Ave for decades and began feeding him nearly 16 years ago when he showed up as an abandoned kitten. My mom had him neutered and his first round of shots. Cujo has always stayed within the same block and used to spend most of his time in their shrubs. However, my parents moved to 55th street (next door to my family) three years ago. We tried to humanely trap & relocate him, but he was far too smart for our tricks. Unfortunately, we did catch raccoons, possums and a fox!

Anyway, the gentleman who owns the house behind yours, kindly offered to let us feed him in his yard. Cujo has brittle teeth and can no longer hunt, so he relies on the daily canned food I drop off.

Please do not call animal control b/c he has lived such a long life and should spend his last days in a familiar environment. He is rather skittish, so just clap your hands at him and he should scurry away.

My phone number is ___ and email ___ if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and welcome to the neighborhood, Amy.

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