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Man Adopts Unwanted Pit Bulls, Later They Repay Him By Saving New Dad’s Life.

Dogs are always loving and loyal to their masters. Each dog deserve a home to be loved and cared too. All rescued dogs show their gratefulness to their owners just like in story of the rescued pit bulls and his owner Robert McGowan.

The most common breed of dogs found in shelters due to their aggression are pit bulls. However, Robert McGowan with a big heart adopted two pit bulls from a local shelter and lovingly named them Ellabelle and Ladybug. They were loving and kind. But one day the pit bulls showed how dangerous they could be.

One night in the garage Robert was under attack by 4 strangers who boxed him, gave a black eye and tried to steal his car. When they asked for the car keys he told them it’s inside the home. As they went inside they were horridly surprised when the two pitbulls barked and chased the thieves away defending their owner.

Robert explained the girls ran into the garage standing besides me and barking as if they were telling no one dare touch their master. The thieves ran for their lives.

Robert further said despite the breed’s reputation the dogs are gentle and easy going however when their loved one is in danger they will be dangerous to save them. He requested people to think of adopting a rescue.

Kudos to the heroic pit bulls. Dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

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