First-Ever Pig-To-Human Heart Transplant Offers Hope For Thousands In Need Of Organs.

Do you believe in miracles? This story below will surely make you believe in one. Remember, there’s always a ray of hope even in the darkest situation.

David Bennett had a life threatening condition. He decided to go through an advanced surgery like an experimental treatment since without a new heart he would die, had exhausted other treatments and was extremely sick to qualify for a human donor heart.

So In Baltimore at the University of Maryland Medical Center a nine hour operation took place where the surgeons with success transplanted a genetically modified pig’s heart into Mr Bennett.

Yes you heard it right. A pig’s heart into a human being. Like Mr. Bennett’s son expressed it is like a miracle. Hoping Mr. Bennet continues to breathe on his own without a ventilator.

This great and happy news may offer hope to many in need of organs. 

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