Father Shouts Out Loudly Seeing Them After Being Six Years Apart.

Story via T&T Creative Media

In life when surprising moments occur they come along with varied emotions.

Chelsea Forrest, 30 was a single mom to her son Maddox 8, who decided to surprise her dad and his granddad Douglas Forrest, 53 since they haven’t seen each other for 6 years.

For the last 6 years, Chelsea graduated from nursing school twice, did many new jobs, took care of her loving child and then with all these came the coronavirus pandemic that took hold in America.

However she decided to travel from San Marcos Texas, to her father’s home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to give him a huge surprise.

Douglas was relaxing in his garden when he saw his daughter and with a loud voice “WHAT?”. He embraced his daughter and grandson with happy tears.

Chelsea’s stepmom captured the moment. Chelsea explained that she was extremely happy and had all kinds of mixed emotions while her son was thrilled to see his grandpa and vice versa.

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