Girl Decides To Cut All Contact With Parents And Be With Her Boyfriend.

Children are God’s gift. Value and take care of them. Parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities. The future of your child is in your hands so mold and nurture them positively, happily, safely and with lots of love and care. (This story was sent to us by Delilah).

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Oh god I never actually thought i’d make it to my 18th birthday. But here I am. Yay.

My parents are extremely hard to have a relationship with. From a young age they have been controlling every aspect of my life, hitting me, not giving me any privacy, and just simply not being good (or even okay) parents.

When I was younger I thought it was my responsibility to fix our relationship. I’d forgive them for everything. Taking the money i’d saved from doing a part time job (so I can save up for college), hitting me for being “rude” (when in reality I just talked to them without a bright smile), grounding me for a year because they found out I had a boyfriend, literally everything.

They also had troubles in their marriage and both of them would tell me in detail how the other was terrible. I’d hear them fight and scream. It used to scare me because I knew they’d take it out on me later. My mom is not as bad as my dad but she still doesn’t tell him to stop being so abusive to me.

I remember one time I made a joke that my dad didn’t like and he kicked me. I fell back with such force that I thought I’d be dead. Even after that I thought I could try and save our relationship.

6 months ago I decided that I’d just not try anymore. I’m the child (or was), it’s not my responsibility to take care of them. I’m not supposed to feel scared every day, I’m not supposed to walk on eggshells. I should be allowed to have a normal/happy life. My boyfriend helped me understand my worth a lot. He literally is saving me from certain death.

So tomorrow after they leave for my grandparents’ house i’ll pack up and stay with my boyfriend. I’ll work as hard as I can and save up for college (I don’t want to accept anymore money from my boyfriend so I decided not to go to college straightaway), i’ll have a great support system (bf + bf’s family + my friends), and I won’t be scared anymore.

I’m thinking of leaving them a letter? I know they’ll try and call the cops or go the legal route and my bf’s parents are helping me prepare for all that. Maybe the letter can be the way I tell them that I’m gone for good now.

Never again will they have a relationship with me. They don’t get to physically and mentally hurt me anymore.

Happy birthday to me I guess.

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