Single Mom Of 5 Killed On Way Home From Last Minute Christmas Eve Shopping – Rest In Peace.

Losing a mom is a painful experience. Morgan’s children must be devastated at the loss of their mom when hoping to celebrate Christmas together.

Danielle Morgan, 37, was a single mother to children ages from 2, 6, 10, 13 and 17. She was on her way back from purchasing Christmas Eve gifts for her kids when her car crashed.

It’s reported that she might have suffered a seizure which might have caused her car to veer off the roadway and into an embankment.

To support Morgan’s children A GoFundMe has been set up that has so far raised more than $14,000.

The children are now living with other family members. Hope they receive the love and support abundantly and honestly from their extended family members.

May her children always remember she may not be there for them physically but her love, blessings and memories will be with them forever.

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