While Leaving A Shopping Center Yesterday, A Young Woman Begged Me For Help…

When a woman says No it’s a No. Respecting a woman is extremely important. To make a better and beautiful world, treat women with love, care and respect. (This story was sent to us by Leah).

Source: Reddit

I had parked at the very end of the lot, as usual to avoid door dings fender benders. So it caught my attention when someone else had chosen to park adjacent to me. I normally take my time getting in and out of places, so I sat there for a good 30 minutes before heading in to the store.

While shopping, I notice that a young lady and I kept crossing paths in the aisles. She would make direct eye contact, and I would respond with a smile and continue on my way.

When I was ready to check out, she was right before me in the line, but when another line opened up, I again notice her eyes follow me as I move to the other checkout.

After paying for my things and go to return the cart, there she is again in front of me. This time she stops me before I get to the door and in a rather soft and nervous voice asks “Is it alright if I walk out with you please?”.

I instantly knew something was wrong. She seemed scared. I took a quick look out the door and saw a man standing there with another fellow as if he were waiting for someone to exit.

I told her “Sure. Of course”, asked her where her car was, and put myself between her and the guy waiting outside the door. He was definitely waiting for her, and seemed to mumble sighs of frustration when he saw that someone else was accompanying her and she was not alone.

Turns out this guy had been following her through the shopping center, and the car that had parked next to me at the end lot was her. She was trying to stay near someone she thought would help her, and was gathering the courage to ask for an escort safely back to her vehicle.

When I looked back at the guy she was dodging, he had ran behind the store where the loading docks are, and I made sure he left without following her again.

For f**k sake. When a woman says she’s not interested, that means BACK OFF. I felt sorry for her, but glad she was smart enough to push through being timid and actually ask for help.

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