Woman Goes ‘Psycho’ Using Tampon Serial Numbers To Catch Cheating Boyfriend.

Do note: doubt and love cannot coexist. Love with all your heart and soul. In case if there is anything in your heart just speak it out to your partner and feel at ease.

Lois Saunders, 23, had gone to visit her boyfriend Finn who noticed two unexpected items under his wardrobe-Tampax and Mascara.

Finn assumes it must be his previous roommate’s but Louis defends saying it’s not seem dusty to be that old.

To know the truth Lois decided to email the headquarters of Tampax. She mentioned the tampon’s serial number and told she is doing some investigation since she found it in her boyfriend’s drawer.

She didn’t expect but was astonished by the detailed response given by the customer care worker named Grace. In a series of TikTok she showed how this matter was investigated and the result left everyone with different opinions.

Few claimed doing the investigation meant there’s no trust in the relationship or it was a red flag. While few commented, Louis action was ‘genius’ and appreciated Tampax for their customer service.

Lois stated in follow up videos that Finn lived in a university shared house and she was visiting him for the first time when she found the tampon and mascara. She concluded by saying that they are actually happy together.

May their love blossom and hope they have a happy ending.

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