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Utah Boy, 5, in Critical Condition after Being Hit by a Truck 2 Months after His Birthday.

A genuinely touching link exists between parents and kids that cannot be expressed in words. It’s a one-of-a-kind bond that only grows stronger with time. Regardless of the ups and downs, kids understand they can always find refuge in their parents’ warm and loving embrace.

Every parent attempts to give their children a caring and supportive atmosphere. Even the smallest inkling of something bad occurring to their kids may be devastating. In today’s narrative, a similar scenario played out, becoming a mother’s worst difficulty.

Bentley Roberts lives in Weber County, Utah, with his mom, Jennifer Roberts. As per his mother, he loved playing with his toys, participating in art projects, and cooking. Bentley enjoyed playing with his buddies, hot wheels, and riding his bike.

Jennifer characterized her kid as a joyful, energetic, and warm-hearted soul who turned five in August 2022 and had just begun kindergarten at Venture Academy.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 5, Bentley planned to ride his bike with a buddy to a location not far from his house in Roy. But then the unimaginable occurred, something that no one saw coming.

According to Jennifer, her autistic son and a buddy were crossing the street when a vehicle towing a trailer stopped around 2600 West and 4400 South. She stated that the pickup driver noticed Bentley’s companion but did not see him and opted to go.

According to authorities, the vehicle struck the little child at 6 p.m. His mother was at the store at the time when she received a phone call from a relative informing her of the tragic occurrence.

Jennifer stated that she dropped it all and raced directly to her son, screaming and terrified when she saw him lying in the middle of the road not moving.

Little Bentley was airlifted to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah, and then to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Jennifer reports that her son’s situation is serious yet stable.

Bentley was Jennifer’s only kid, therefore the mother-son relationship was special. April Roberts, the five-year-old’s grandmother, said she was heartbroken and afraid for her precious grandchild. 

April stated that she was terrified when Jennifer phoned her and told her everything. Bentley, according to the grandmother, handed her a copy of his school photo before the sad occurrence. 

Little Bentley is still recovering with his adoring mother by his side. In a brief chat from the hospital, the Utah mom expressed her joy and relief at her son’s improved situation, but also expressed sadness and concern at points.

Jennifer expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support for her wonderful baby on social media. She stated that when she informed him that a large number of individuals were enquiring about him, he burst into tears. He’s overjoyed.

The truck driver appears to have missed Bentley, who was riding a “low profile bike,” based on the Roy City Police Department. They stated that speeding or impairment had no part in the collision and that visibility was a likely factor.

According to the police, the driver is collaborating with them. Bentley’s mother and grandmother stated that they did not hold the driver accountable for the tragedy and had no ill will against him.

Gilbert Randall, the truck driver, contacted Bentley’s family and paid him a visit in the hospital on Thursday, October 6. The 44-year-old guy said he didn’t notice the child at the moment and was devastated by how everything ended out. It saddens his heart to know that how unintentionally caused a tiny guy sorrow.

Randall said that he was glad to see Bentley on the mend. He also brought gifts for Bentley, including a new bike and a helmet with a light so that everyone could see him in the future.

Jennifer and April stated that their lovely son was delighted to meet Randall and eager to ride his new bike. A crowdsourcing campaign has been set up for the family, with almost $2,000 received as of October 7.

We express our deepest thoughts and best wishes to this young kid, and we wish that he heals quickly so he may continue to do the things he enjoys.

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