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Valerie Bertinelli’s Last Talk with Dying ‘Soulmate’ & Their Awaited Kid Helps Her after Cancer Took Him.

It had been two years after the death of rock legend Eddie Van Halen in October 2022. Valerie Bertinelli, his ex-wife, posted a moving memory on her Instagram Stories to celebrate his death anniversary at the time.

Back in the day, the television star released two black-and-white photos of herself and Eddie. In the first Kodak photograph, the former couple clasped affectionately while looking straight at the camera.

Valerie covered their mouths with her shirt in the second photo, which showed them posing cheek to cheek. The images showed how youthful and in love the couple used to be.

Valerie also paid tribute to her late ex-husband on Instagram, posting a black and white photo of him with their son, Wolfgang “Wolf” Van Halen. The photograph depicted a bare chested Eddie playing with his topless son when he was considerably younger.

Wolf also paid tribute to his late dad with a more recent flashback shot of the two smiling, heads against one other. In the caption, the younger Van Halen stated that not a single day had passed when his father was not on his thoughts.

The late singer’s son ended his statement by saying he misses and loves Eddie more than he can express. Wolf felt fortunate that his parents met and fell in love all those years ago, for they provided him with a loving and pleasant upbringing.

Valerie, then 20, and Eddie became engaged after being acquainted onstage in Oklahoma. On April 11, 1981, the rock guitarist and actress were to be married in a private Californian ceremony.

Valerie admitted that she was motivated to be a better person from the moment Wolf was born. Unfortunately, her marriage to the singer was not always easy, and things fell apart, but the couple stayed wonderful parents to their kid.

Eddie and Valerie remarried after their divorce but remained close, and while the musician’s cancer worsened, the former pair got closer. During the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday, the artist paid a visit to the television host’s house and requested a private conversation.

Eddie gave her a suitcase in a friend’s car containing a pendant-sized gold bar he’d brought with him while receiving cancer treatment in Germany. He told her he wished she didn’t think the present was strange as he’d purchased it for his ex-wife but received nothing in return for his current one.

The rock star told Valerie he loved her while crying. Eddie admitted to making mistakes during their marriage, and the television personality admitted to contributing to their problems and repented.

During the final weeks of his life, the singer’s ex-wife and son visited him in the hospital every day. His brother, Alex Van Halen, and second wife, Janie Liszewski, also showered him with affection.

The gang was also present when Eddie died, and his final words to Wolf and Valerie were that he loved them. Before he breathed his final breath, the pair echoed the words back to him.

The show’s host admitted that she occasionally regretted not getting “too close” to Eddie when he was unwell. They were both married at the time, with Valerie previously married to Tom Vitale.

After her death at the age of 65, the actress recognized the complexities of their relationship. The actress stated she couldn’t define their emotions for one another and that she loved him more than she understood what to say, but there was nothing sexual about it.

Valerie described how there was no greater love than the one they had, and how they utilized it to create their son. Valerie mentioned how much she admired her ex-spirit, husband’s and the day following his death on October 7, 2020, she posted a poignant Instagram tribute to him.

Eddie had altered her life 40 years ago when she met him before giving her “the one genuine light” in her life, their son, according to the television program presenter. She remarked on how he’d maintained his “impish grin” and “beautiful attitude” throughout his treatments.

Valerie expressed her thanks for their kid, who was able to hold his father in his final moments, and vowed to see him again in the next world. The actress opened out about her grief around a year and a half after his passing.

She stated it helped because they were able to say “I love you” before he died. Wolf’s mom similarly saw his death as a spiritual presence rather than an absence, since she had to restrain herself from calling him after getting a nomination.

Valerie also emphasized pleasure and optimism above negativity. The television personality also placed greater emphasis on recognizing all of the positive aspects of her life.

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