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Utah Woman Adopted A Limbless Baby Over 20 Yrs Ago & These Days He’s Thriving.

Gabriel Adams was born in Brazil without arms or legs, and his biological mother deserted him since he was born limbless. She was frightened about not being able to offer a nice life for him. Gabriel ended up alone in an orphanage; however, his tale spread quickly.

Janelle Adams, a mom of 13 children from Utah, noticed Gabe’s picture at a supermarket store. She thought to herself that she’d take him in a heartbeat. Janelle felt she had to take the orphan kid into her loving family right then and there. The rest, as they say, is history.

Janelle and her husband Ron were soon at the airport, ready to pick up their newly adopted baby and bring him home.

Gabriel came to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City, Utah, when he was around nine months old, and he impacted the hearts of all those who visited the halls. Ken Kozole, who works in the department for wheelchairs and seats, met Gabriel when he was a baby and saw him rolling down the hallway. He thought someone had thrown a football. He went to get it, and there was Gabre.

It was there that he developed his strong feeling of independence. He does not receive a free ride or preferential treatment. He does everything himself.

Gabriel has been adopted by his adoptive family for over 20 years, and the adolescent is doing well. You can see what he’s capable of in the video below.

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