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‘I put an angry note in my daugter’s lunch box and addressed it to the teachers’

The father-of-three wrote a message to Isabelle’s instructors on the inside of her lunchbox, requesting that she eat anything she wants.

He claims that Isabelle will be forced to eat her veggies and sandwich before she can have her sweet goodies.

The father, from the United Kingdom, prepared the message in an attempt to prevent them from sticking their noses in his daughter’s business and to allow her to eat what she wishes when she wishes during lunch breaks.

Several people praised the father’s actions and recounted their own experiences with schools attempting to restrict what their students eat from their own lunchboxes.

In a TikTok video, the father expressed his ‘annoyance’ with one of Isabelle’s school’s dinner ladies, who has been dictating what she is permitted to eat.

He said that the badgering was preventing Isabelle from eating lunch with them.

‘It’s OK if one eats the chocolate cake that the school provides, however, if one puts one in their lunchbox, they say, ‘oh no you shouldn’t have that,’ he said, adding that he has now written a note to Isabelle’s lunchbox lid.

‘Welcome to Isabelle’s lunch box!’ said the letter. We are aware of the contents of this package and are willing for Isabelle to consume anything she wants.

He admitted wanting to “ram (the lunchbox) full with goodies,” but instead packed a sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple, a pear, a tiny bag of chips, rainbow drop candies, and a chocolate egg.

In short, stop teaching kids what they should and shouldn’t eat and let the f***ing parents make that decision, he stated.

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The father thought that Isabelle’s instructors would read the message and cooperate, but he looked through everything she ate when she returned home from school the following day.

All right, let’s see what she brought home in her lunchbox. ‘First and foremost, she didn’t touch her rainbow drops; evidently, she could only eat them if she first had her carrots, he said in a subsequent video.

He said Isabelle didn’t eat her carrots since they fell on the floor, but she was too terrified to complain to the dinner lady.

She did finish her sandwich, which, for comparison, would have had more sugar than these rainbow drops, he added.

That’s six grammes of rainbow drops – relax.

Isabelle ate part of her apple but skipped the pear, chips, and chocolate egg since she didn’t have time.

Naturally, she got in the car and was instantly hungry, and nothing was mentioned about the label, the irritated father said.

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Many parents sympathized with the father in the comments, with many voicing his displeasure.

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