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Woman Who Had Part Of Skull Removed Woke Up From Her Coma & Defied The Odds By Speaking.

Tabitha and her mom, Kim, were riding their horses around a nearby farm when Tabitha’s horse bolted. Kim had lost sight of her daughter, only to find her face down, unresponsive, and bleeding from the ears. Tabitha was admitted to the hospital with a cracked skull and a bloated, bleeding brain. She was unconscious. Jacob, her spouse, and their four boys were terrified.

Dr. Arun Jacob, the neurosurgeon who treated Tabitha, saw that her brain was expanding too quickly. She would die if doctors did not remove a portion of her skull. She made it through the procedure, but the doctor cautioned her that she may be psychologically or physically damaged.

Jacob said his greatest worry about the entire event was that she wouldn’t recognize him or their sons. He wasn’t scared about her since she was in a wheelchair or anything; he simply wanted her to know who they were.

Tabitha looked to be recuperating in unexpected ways, according to her physicians. She was taken off the ventilator and spoke for the first time since the accident.

She turned to her husband and pleaded, ‘Don’t let them do that to me again,'” Kim remembered.

Tabitha was not only awake and speaking, but she also retained her sense of humor. Doctors would come in and ask Tabitha if she recognized any of her friends or relatives, which she always did.

Tabitha remembered that she was like, if they ask her who someone is one more time, she believes she is going to get out of bed! She recognizes everyone.

She was almost healed and ready to return home after nine days. She could walk, climb stairs, and carry on full-fledged discussions.

It’s incredibly rewarding for folks like them to witness stuff like this, as it doesn’t occur every day, said Dr. Arun Jacob. He believes she recovered miraculously.

Leisurely Horseback Ride Becomes Fight for Life

A day out turned deadly when Tabitha fell from her horse and her brain began to swell. Doctors weren’t sure she’d survive without permanent damage, but the following months surprised everyone. Watch her full healing testimony or read more here:

Posted by The 700 Club on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

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