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VIDEO: Hefty Woman Gets Welfare Letter, Can’t Contain Her Excitement As She Reads It.

A video of a lady responding to the Department of Social Services answer to a benefit application is going viral. She had supposedly been waiting for this letter for a very long time and was overjoyed to eventually have it in her hands. The lady in the video hurries inside her home after getting the welfare letter in the mail.

She almost skips inside, makes her way to the sofa, tears up the envelope, and starts reading the letter. However, it appears that money isn’t her only issue. She seems to be struggling with reading comprehension as well. She first doesn’t understand what the letter means when it states she is totally favorable, and she pushes her kids out of the way as she attempts to figure it out.

After enlisting the assistance of everyone in the room in breaking the code, she continues reading the letter in quest of any hints as to what it truly said. She finally understands that she is being notified that she has been authorized for welfare assistance, and her response is as if she has won the lottery. The lady yells and cries, excitedly pounding her feet and expressing her delight.

The announcement must have been eagerly anticipated. Many family members got their phones out to capture the momentous revelation. According to the letter, her claim extends back a few years, implying that she would be getting retroactive compensation from the time she first submitted. The video has been dubbed “outrageous” and has gone viral on social media. You can see her response for yourself.

When viewers saw she had been granted a “non-disability” claim, it appeared to enrage many who described themselves as hardworking taxpayers. Others worried that she would merely gain weight and have no incentive to leave poverty. Another person recommended that the sofa she was bouncing on be granted disability. They were mostly nasty in their social media remarks.

As if the sofa in the front yard wasn’t a dead giveaway that there was garbage living there, Debra Davis thought of the family. It most likely met the same awful end as the sofa she is now sitting on. It was a fantastic idea to upload it to YouTube so that every working taxpayer could see what crap they were supporting.

Joe Tuna criticised the assistance system and its propensity for misuse, saying that when one has a paralyzing illness, they have to struggle with SSI for 5 or 6 years and receive no money, but she gets paid for what? She didn’t seem to be paralyzed; she had a lot of energy (enough to work), and she already has enough money to consume considerably more than her fair share.

Jill Last advised that officials study the film and reconsider their procedures; SSI definitely needs to see this video. Here is where everyone’s hard-earned money goes. Those who live in their own garbage. She knew the lady was going to be a piece of work the instant she destroyed the envelope and dumped the pieces on the floor.

People should seek more out of life, according to Donald Wood: “A lifestyle that consists of excursions to Walmart, McDonald’s, and the booze shop.” Wouldn’t you want to get more out of life? I work hard in order to afford to attend to concerts, athletic events, vacations, and so on. To me, it seems to be a no-brainer. Work hard and you will enjoy the advantages. Not just licking the drippings of civilization like a dog.”

Most people sincerely want to assist those in actual need, but does this lady meet the bill? The majority of the commentators didn’t appear to think so, but maybe the film doesn’t teach us all we need to know to make an informed decision. She did, though, seem to be able to move rather quickly in order to fetch the letter.

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