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Woman Asks To Use Veteran’s Bathroom, Camera Catches Her Stealing From Him.

A lady was caught red-handed stealing money from a 94-year-old Navy veteran’s wallet. Thomas Hendrix is seen on surveillance video walking a family through his home. The family may be seen looking around the home, inspecting it. The lady once requested to use the veteran’s lavatory. While she remains behind, she discovers the wallet of the elderly homeowner and seems to be calculating the money before stealing part of it.

Neil DeLoach, who has been Hendrix’s caregiver for ten years, uncovered the theft. DeLoach was not at home at the time and does not know who entered the house, but he felt uncomfortable and reviewed the security tape to see what had happened while he was gone.

DeLoach said first and foremost, he had no idea who they were. He was in a state of terror. He knew Mr. Hendrix wasn’t familiar with them. That worried him because he has security cameras all around the property that one can see, and they still walked straight in and were quite daring. That is what terrifies him about the scenario; people are just bold.

Once the disturbing incident got national prominence, a woman named Heather Weldon identified herself as the culprit in the surveillance footage on Facebook, writing, she did not steal from him, it was all a huge misunderstanding. She chatted with the guy, and everything is in order.

But social media users weren’t buying her explanation. “This infuriates me. I’m not sure how this could be a misunderstanding; it seems to me to be clear. “I hope she goes to prison with her husband,” Pam Scungio Mattia said on Facebook.

“It seems that the spouse was attempting to keep him busy. Child services should investigate anything they find. Who knows what they are teaching and how they are utilizing the youngsters? “I misunderstood my rear,” Judi Ingalls Gamez stated. “She knew precisely what it was, and how did it get inside her bra?” “Lying sack attempting to avoid prison.”

“How is this a misunderstanding?” So the wallet opens up and the money walks beneath your sweaty and sagging boobs on its own. You took it, and it’s all on video. You’re guilty, foolish b***, and it was all premeditated with the spouse and kids as [a] diversion. I hope all of your money is stolen and you end yourself in prison. “Excellent job teaching your kids the terrible things,” Lidija Simic said.

No good act goes unpunished, as the saying goes. Thomas Hendrix welcomed a family into his house and even permitted the mother to use his restroom, but she was really looking to take advantage of him. Heather Weldon didn’t get away with her crime because Hendrix had a surveillance system installed in his house. The whole nation now knows she is a bad person who preys on the weakest among us.

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