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VIDEO: Man Sustains Horrific Injuries After His Rifle Exploded, Says He’s Lucky To Be Alive As He Spreads Message Of God’s Mercy.

According to an Instagram post, gun enthusiast Scott Allen DeShields Jr, a former Kentucky State Trooper who runs the men’s lifestyle website Kentucky Ballistics, was taking a video of himself firing his “Serbu RN 50 with 50 BMG SLAP ammunition” when things went horrifically wrong.

According to DeShields, the ammunition was overwhelmed, leading to the explosion of his “50 BMG.” The.50-caliber weapon, as seen on film, exploded in his face.

As per his knowledge, they were real military rounds, but they had clearly been tampered with, DeShields said on Kentucky Ballistics’ Instagram page to clarify why he felt his gun explode in his face.

DeShields wanted to share his story with others, so he created a video in which he describes everything that transpired. The video, which contained a videotape of the in question event, soon went viral, garnering millions of views.

Regardless of the reason, the consequences were catastrophic. DeShields wrote, a one-inch piece of metal flew through his neck, severing his jugular vein and puncturing a hole in his right lung. His right lung would fill with blood and collapse. His right orbital bone fractured in three places, as did his nose. He became blind quickly in his right eye, he added.

In addition, DeShields suffered a broken left index finger and shattered ribs. Throughout the whole trip to the hospital, DeShields’ left thumb was shoved into the hole in his neck to staunch the flow of blood, The Blaze claimed, adding that doctors indicated that the action saved his life—otherwise, he would have bled to death.

Certainly, DeShields is very fortunate to be alive, and he is aware of this. When his right lung was intubated and drained while he was conscious, he was drugged and airlifted to the Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, he claimed. Fortunately, specialists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center were able to perform a life-saving operation, but it was no easy feat.

DeShields remarked that the lifesaving procedure is easier to say than to accomplish. There were numerous dangers, such as his hemorrhaging and suffering a stroke, recounted the former state trooper, but the life-saving efforts were successful. The Trauma Team saved his life, wrote DeShields. Doctors totally opened his rib cage to remove shrapnel, fix his lung, and repair his jugular vein.

DeShields emphasized that he was exceedingly fortunate to have survived the incident by writing, The doctors indicated he lost a great quantity of blood. They said that he would normally have between 6 and 8 units in his body, and they gave him a total of 5 units. They said that the thumb in his neck saved his life. He would have perished had this not occurred. In addition, he was informed that the majority of victims would have died from their injuries.

In addition, DeShields said that his vision had been restored the day after the blast. Since then, he has praised God for his compassion and for preserving his life. A few weeks after the accident, DeShields claimed that he was recovering quite quickly. He returned home after just eight days.

Scott Allen DeShields Jr.’s survival after the terrifying event is nothing short of a miracle, so it comes as no surprise that his courage is being praised.

Considering that an exploding weapon had just ripped him to bits, it is incredible that this guy had the foresight to know he needed to stop his bleeding by any means necessary—even a painful, nasty one. In addition, he may save the life of another person by blogging about his tragedy. Even for a seasoned gun aficionado, strange things might occur at the range, but happily, Scott Allen DeShields Jr was not alone. In addition to God’s protection, his father was also there and deserves praise for preserving his son’s life. The lesson was to never shoot alone. You just cannot predict what may occur.

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