Woman Kicked Out Of Pool For ‘Inappropriate’ Swimsuit, Some Viewers Appalled.

Tori Jenkins had just been swimming at the Smoking Cross Apartments’ pool for three minutes with five of her friends and her boyfriend, Tyler Newman, when the leasing consultant at the property told her that her “thong” was an improper swimsuit.

Jenkins said that she knows what she looks like, that she purchased it herself, and that it’s not a thong. The consultant then summoned her to his office and instructed her to pose for photographs in order for her to see the issue for herself, explaining that she didn’t grasp the dilemma since she didn’t have her own kids.

The leasing agent further said that he would not want Jenkins near his own children in the unsuitable swimsuit and that a regular swimming suit covers the full butt, which he claims Jenkins’ swimsuit does not.

A heartbroken lady was told she couldn’t swim in a public pool because she was curvy and her bikini might excite adolescent guys. Tori Jenkins, who was swimming in a pool at her Knoxville, Tennessee, residence, was then told to pose for photographs in her one-piece to demonstrate how ‘inappropriate’ it was. Jenkins drew the attention of many who heard her tale when her boyfriend, Tyler Newman, shared the narrative and photos of his ‘humiliated’ girlfriend on Facebook.

Newman said he’s never seen his fiancée so embarrassed that she can’t even look her closest friends in the eyes. He has never seen her weep as hard as she did today at their apartment. He has never seen her desire to be alone like that, simply because some clueless a**holes believe they can police her body’s size and shape. He has never seen a lady treated so badly, he added.

His Point: Telling his fiancée she should cover up on a 90-degree day in their own apartment pool since it would excite adolescent guys is nonsense. He will not stand for it, Newman said. His fiancee should be able to wear a swimsuit without being made to look sexual or looked down upon. She should not feel betrayed.

After the embarrassing episode with the leasing agent and the alleged inappropriate bikini at her apartment complex, social media users have come out in droves to support Jenkins and express their solidarity.

Jenkis just wants to express her gratitude on her own behalf for all of the incredible love she has received, Jenkins wrote on Facebook after her story about the allegedly inappropriate bikini was shared 18,000 times. She thanked everyone for the support and love.

It’s hard to believe that Tori Jenkins’ one-piece swimsuit was the most revealing at her apartment’s pool that day, but the most disturbing thing about this story is that the leasing agent asked her to pose for pictures in the office. It was the manager, not Jenkins, who was acting inappropriately.

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