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VIDEO: Prius Owner Freaks Out After Seeing Couple In Big Diesel Truck, Confrontation Ensues.

Although there are few specifics regarding the issue, the video gives sufficient details to give us a clear notion of what’s going on. From the outset of the video, it’s clear that a lady is upset with a diesel vehicle that shares the parking lot with her. She immediately goes on an insult-laden diatribe against the couple in the truck, entirely ignoring the presence of their young kids.

After the enraged lady rushes over, we quickly understand that the black Prius in the background belongs to her, and her irritation is evident by the several 4-letter curses she screams in front of the children. “I came over here because it was quiet,” the Prius owner says, referring to the parking lot area where she is parked.

“There was nobody here, and you come up here with your gas-guzzling piece of sh*t, and the exhaust is spewing everywhere!” She yells at the family before being stopped by the mom, who cautions her not to cuss in front of her daughter. That’s when things start to get very awful.

“Shut the f*ck up,” she shouts at the mother, who responds with “Get out!” as emotions grow. For a brief time, viewers fear violence, and we aren’t alone, as the guy behind the camera seems to warn his wife Cheryl with a simple, “Don’t,” while Ms. Prius adds, “Don’t even touch me.” Then there’s the irony.

After ranting at the pair and using vulgar language, she continues, “I’m just asking you to be pleasant and courteous, and you guys aren’t willing to.” Many clichés spring to mind while hearing such words, such as the pot calling the kettle black or doing what you preach.

We now know that the diesel truck owner attempted to pacify the Prius-driving lady, but his remedy was insufficient. He claims that he backed up, but she remains enraged, pointing to his exhaust pipe and the fact that the wind is blowing in the direction of her vehicle, which we see with its windows down. Then she questions why the vehicle is running.

Since his daughter is in here, the father exclaims before being interrupted by the lady, who expresses her opinion that he should switch off the vehicle and roll down his windows rather than running the truck to keep his child’s air conditioning on.

His kid was asleep, as indicated by the subtitles in the video, and she suffers from allergies. The child’s needs do nothing to soothe the lady, who then complains about the truck’s pollution and continues her rage in front of innocent children, stooping to name-calling and labeling the guy “mindless” and “ignorant.”

Ms. Prius goes on to label the guy reckless and insensitive after questioning his “need” for such a vehicle by asking about his employment, despite the fact that he explains that, although he has an office job, he also owns horses, justifying his need for a truck. Then, pointing to his children, she adds, “You’ve got two kids, and you’re going to train them to be the same way.”

Mama Bear’s claws emerge at this point. Since the aggressive Prius owner had proven that name-calling was permissible, the mom on the phone used some choice words to characterize the lady as she began to walk away. The eco-friendly vehicle driver came back to the family, insisting on the final word. But, for obvious reasons, this time is even worse.

The Prius owner is fortunate that exhaust fumes were the only thing in her face that day since she got way too close to the mom and her kid while yelling aggressively and swinging her arms about.

When he observed the insane lady wheeling back around to have words with the mom, who was standing by the vehicle in a protective position, shielding her kids from the unbalanced woman, he yelled his wife’s name in an unsure tone.

Although this man did an excellent job of remaining cool, you can’t debate with an illogical individual and expect to make any progress. It’s hard to have an open conversation with people who act like tantrum-throwing toddlers. His patience, though, was commendable, and other Prius owners welcomed it when it found its way to a Prius discussion site, where the Prius-driving lady was heavily chastised for her behavior.

At times, you have to understand that there is a moment to hold your stance and a time to waste your time. There were lots of open areas, so the pointless clash might have been avoided. Let’s be honest: this was simply an argument for the sake of an argument. They did, however, provide the rest of us with an excellent example of individuals acting poorly and how to stay cool while addressing them.

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