Why This Little Boy Donated His Disney Trip To Fallen Soldier’s Family.

9 year old Brendan Haas generously gave away his all expense paid Disney trip to a family who lost Army Lt. Timothy Steele in Afghanistan.

Brendan was able to make this Disney World trip possible with a series of trades. He started with a toy soldier and traded it in for a gift card. From there he continued to trade up over and over until he eventually had $900 in Disney gift cards. He was inspired by the incredible story of a man, who, through a series of trades, turned a paper clip into a home.

Brendan started a Facebook page, “Soldier for a Soldier”, which made this opportunity possible. The family of 25 year old Timothy Steele was completely shocked and gracious for the young boy’s gift. 2 year old Liberty, Timothy’s daughter, was the winner when Brendan picked her name out of a hat.

To be so young and be capable of doing something this special is an amazing story. At 9 years old, he gave away a child’s dream vacation to a family that suffered a huge loss.

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