Widower ‘left caring for disabled son alone deliberately stepped out in front of bus’

An inquest heard that a widower murdered himself and attempted to kill his disabled son by jumping out in front of a bus.

Thomas Daley, 83, of Hartlepool, purposefully walked out in front of the number 36 bus, dragging his 55-year-old son, who has special educational needs and vision issues, with him.

Mr Daley has been caring for his son after he lost his wife a few years ago, according to the inquiry.

The court heard that authorities originally thought it was a terrible accident until they saw the CCTV footage.

The tape was quite clear, according to the inquiry, and Mr Daley purposefully walked out, pulling his kid, who he was connecting with, with him.

Cleveland Police stated in a statement that had Mr Daley survived the event, he would have been probed for the attempted murder of his child, who received a thigh injury in the event.

Following the rush-hour incident on March 21 this year at about 8.10 a.m., emergency teams, including the Great North Air Ambulance, were rushed to Hartlepool’s Catcote Road.

Passengers on the school bus had earlier described how they raced to aid a guy screaming in agony before realizing there was a second person under the vehicle.

Mr Daley, of Dalkeith Road, died as a result of chest and pelvic injuries, according to the inquest.

According to a statement given by his other son, Thomas, they were a very close family and his dad was in excellent spirits before his death, having won £88 on a bet on Saturday.

He also informed the court that his dad had gone grocery shopping the day before the incident on Sunday.

He stated that his parents had always taken care of their crippled son, who could only be left at home for limited periods of time and could not go out on his own.

He was such a proud man, he would never whine or beg for help, he added. He’d simply get on with it and do things for himself. He maintained the place beautiful and neat.

He went on to explain that his dad, who had 4 kids, was a wonderful parent, and that his entire family adored him.

But it wasn’t anything they spoke about, they are all so close, they would do it immediately, he added of his father’s family taking care of his crippled kid.

He stated that his father was physically healthy for his age and that he can’t picture his father wishing to kill himself or bring any harm to his kid.

According to the bus driver, Paul Johnson, it was a bright and clear day with nothing disturbing him.

He stated that he was slowing down anyhow to overtake a parked automobile and was approaching an island.

He stated that he was aware of the two males, who then walked out onto the road in front of the bus.

He said he slammed on his brakes, but there was nothing he could do to prevent colliding with them.

Coroner Clare Bailey said the CCTV showed Mr Daley purposefully putting himself and his kid in the line of the oncoming bus.

It was a planned attempt not just to take his own life, but also that of his son, she claimed. She recorded a suicide verdict.

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