Wife Finds Her Menstrual Cup In A Bag Of Rice After Husband Uses It To Make Dinner

Many people make jokes about how fathers and spouses are completely worthless in the kitchen. Of all, many fathers and husbands are excellent chefs and housekeepers, but we still like making jokes about them.

Cindy Hobbs had a recent encounter with her husband’s cooking that she felt was too amusing not to mention.

Cindy, a mother of three, discovered her baby had gotten a hold of her menstruation cup and attempted to take it away from her. Cindy became sidetracked after wresting the period item from her child’s grasp and left the menstruation cup on the tabletop.

The next day, she discovered her menstruation cup in a bag of rice. She was perplexed as to why it was there, so she contacted her husband to inquire.

His response had her bursting over with laughter. He became perplexed and stated that he had used it as a rice scooper.

Cindy posted the next text discussion on Facebook, and others who read it were in stitches. Cindy and her husband’s communications are depicted in the photograph.

Cindy started by emailing a snapshot of the menstruation cup to her spouse and asked him, “What is this doing in the rice?”

Her husband said promptly that he used it to weigh the rice last night, it stated 3 cups of rice.
Cindy was appalled and responded with the sick face emoji.

Her naïve spouse didn’t comprehend and responded with a question mark.

“It’s my MENSTRUAL CUP, YOU D*** POD!” Cindy said.

Her spouse, once again, had no clue what was happening on. “Menstalony soup?” he inquired.

“You w*nker, it’s MINESTRONE soup! Look up menstruation!” Cindy responded right away.

Her spouse eventually figured it out: he had used a period product to cook dinner.

“Oh f*ck!” he said, finally in the knowledge.

Of course, all was Well, and it was perfectly safe for him to scoop rice with the menstruation cup (which was clean).

Almost every response to the article mentions tagging friends and spouses.

Some find what transpired to be disgusting, while the majority find it amusing.

Do you know somebody who would inadvertently do anything like this?

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