Woman Adamant For A Divorce When Husband Did This With Her Cat.

A good marriage requires both love, understanding and respect. A bond may bloom and develop into a lovely relationship as long as two individuals find balance and care after one other. Being married may be challenging. But being honest from the start will help one sail the marriage smoothing despite the bumps. Read the story to know what happened between this married couple and what would you do in such a situation.

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My husband and I have been together for 2 years. We had a beautiful cat named Molly whom he did not have any issues with until recently.

Last week he kept complaining about how the cat was “annoying him” and how her meowing was distracting him from working. I replied to his complaints asking why he was just bringing it up now when we’ve had the cat for a year now.

He went off. He started yelling about how he ‘put up’ with the cat because he loved me, and that he couldn’t bear to break it to me that he hated cats. I felt betrayed and angry since he wasn’t honest with me from the start.

The night ended with him apologising and telling me that he really didn’t want the cat, and so, I agreed to give Molly to my cousins, as I knew they would take great care of her. They live a few minutes away, so it would give me a good opportunity to visit her frequently. He seemed on board, and I trusted him.

The next morning Molly was gone. I originally thought she had escaped or ran away until my husband told me that he sold her. I was distraught. He sold her to a random person on Gumtree, without doing proper background checks and forms.

I was furious and kicked him out. He’s now texting me, calling me stupid for kicking him out and that he didn’t deserve any of this. Am I Overreacting? 

UPDATE (1): I think Molly has been found!!!! I was contacting shelters near me and asking friends to be on the lookout. One of my mutual friends works at an animal shelter and confirmed receiving a multi-coloured Scottish Fold yesterday. I think we’ve done it. Fingers crossed! I’m going tomorrow. Thank you to EVERYONE for their kind words and support. As for my ex-husband, I’ve filed for a divorce. I can’t speak of it freely on the internet, for obvious reasons, but he’s never coming back into my life. Thank you again. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

UPDATE (2): I have been reunited with Molly! I guess the whole ‘I sold her’ story was a lie, since I found her at a shelter. She is healthy, happy and cannot thank you guys enough for the support and kindness. No updates on the husband, the lawyers are figuring things out right now. Please give all of your pets a hug from Molly and I. Thank you.

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