Man Compels Girlfriend’s Sister For A Favor When She Is Away For A Holiday.

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I f22 am currently staying with my eldest sister (Natalie) f32 and her boyfriend (Micah) m36 as I finish my semester in college.

Natalie has a safe of all her valuable jewelry and other antiques that she keeps in a safe. Since some of the stuff she has is from our grandmother, she let me have the password to be able to access the safe anytime I wanted but under the condition that I tell her first and not give the password to anybody else.

She went away on a trip with her girlfriends 2 days ago and won’t be back till wednesday. This morning as I was cleaning up, Micah showed up and started asking me questions about the safe. I tried to give him one word answers and he sensed that I was being “secretive” but really I was just being straightforward. He then asked me to give him the password to the safe. I was taken aback. I said why and he said that he has always been curious about what’s in there and wanted to get a “quick peek”.

I said I didn’t have it but he told me to quit lying because he heard Natalie say that I could open the safe anytime I wanted. I told him that still, it’s not my property and I can’t share the password with him. He said it was really not that big a deal but I politely told him no. He got upset and reminded me who he is to Natalie and how I was just a guest in their house. I said that being a guest is completely irrelevant in this case but he chuckled and said that I was being ridiculous. I suggested he wait for Natalie to come home but he got more upset and said that she’s already refused to let him take a look. I shrugged and said that it was not my problem. We got into an argument and I tried calling Natalie but her phone’s been off for hours. He yelled at me saying I was disrespectful at his own home and rushed out.

I’m home alone now and feel completely shaken because of how he yelled at me. I’m an awkward person with little to non confrontational abilities and now I think I might’ve escalated the situation and made him feel upset and as if I don’t trust his word when he said it’d just be a minute. Am I A Jerk for standing my ground on this? Should I just let him have it if he gets back and asks for it?

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