Woman’s Savage Reply When Told She Got Promotion Due To Her Breast Size.

It’s fantastic to have a steady career, but having fantastic coworkers one can consider friends is much better. With them around, it doesn’t feel so much like work. Difficulties become more enjoyable when one can tackle them together. However, not all are lucky with good co-workers. Read the story to know what happened in this office during their lunch break when one of the staff got a promotion and let su know how you would deal with such a comment?

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So, I f33 been working in this company for 3 years. After years of long shifts, working on weekends and going the extra mile. The company finally gave me a promotion. When my coworkers heard, they were confused. Some pointed out that they’ve been with the company longer and worked harder. I ignored their comments since they were just “venting”.

However, There’s this co-worker named “Michael” who joined us (he rarely does that) yesterday during lunch break and started venting about his demotion. I stayed quiet until he brought up my promotion and then flatout said “that the reason I got a promotion was because of my breast size” I was shocked I almost dropped my cup. I looked around and everyone was staring. I responded by saying “And the reason you got a demotion was because of your brain size!!!”. His face went pale and people were laughing. He was pi*sed beyond belief he turned around and walked out.

Some co workers approached me saying that Michael’s reputation is ahead of him and that he’s one of the best this company hired but due to his circumstances he couldn’t focus on work and got demoted as a result. so I shouldn’t imply he was stupid and humiliate him infront of everybody. I asked if they were okay with what he said. they said no but I could’ve ignored him or talked to him in private.

He’s awaiting my apology and keeps avoiding me. I feel horrible because I’m not a mean person and don’t go out of my way to hurt others feelings. I started to regret what I said. Did I Go Too Far Here?

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