Woman Admires MIL The Way She Handled Her Husband When Asked To Vacate House.

Housewives generally tend to be more quiet and passive for the peace of the family, listening to the husband and looking after work. They are capable of doing everything and anything for the good of the family. Read the story to know what this housewife turned a boss lady by showing her husband his correct position.

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My husband, a 4yr old girl and I are staying with my husband’s family. Father-In-Law (62) is a massive psychopath and narcissist and my MIL (60)is sweet, timid, and couldn’t hurt a fly. She is disabled and needs a walker at all times so she stays at home. In Laws have been married 39 years. They are both religious, tho my FIL recently stopped going to church. My husband is their only child and is 35.


MIL asked to spend some time with FIL over the weekend to chill out and relax. FIL suggests they go for a drive out on the back roads. MIL agrees happily. They get in the car and then FIL starts talking….


FIL quite casually confesses how he’s been unhappy for a long time and how he actually hasn’t loved her in a while…actually for years…actually he never loved her….actually it was a mistake to ever marry her and have a kid with her…actually he married her to “get away from (his) mother”…actually he only stayed with her because he felt so obligated to take care of her and then later on, their child…and too, he cheated on her 20 years ago once, and one year ago twice. But he’s not seeing anyone else right now. He just thinks it’s not fair for her to not have someone who loves her and she deserves better. And, oh! If she wants to, they can still be friends and she can come ‘round and visit sometime.

Now FIL wants not only MIL, but also my little family bundle to move out of his house ASAP. So like, I’m kinda freaked out a bit cause we cannot move out right now.


After a bit of thinking about it and talking to her mother, MIL decided she was NOT going to roll over and be suddenly thrown away and discarded. She’s a human being and deserves better than to be kicked out of her own home after being lied to for nearly 40 years.


FIL gets home from work and is telling MIL about what he’s gonna do to their vacant, old, run down and in horrible condition Victorian plantation home (very minimal changes/fixes) to make it more comfortable for her.


Y’all… this lady didn’t miss a beat. She told him, “Actually, no. I’m not moving to another house. I’m staying right here. YOU can go stay at the other house…or if you want, build you a shed out back to live in. I’m going to be staying right here and you will pay for my expenses.”

FIL responded, “Well, maybe.”

MIL stands firm, “No, I’m telling you what WILL happen.”


What’s he gonna do tho? Call the cops because his 5’ handicapped wife won’t move out of their house so he can live the life he’s always dreamed of without her? Ha! He’s not gonna do sh*t. He’s too worried about his public image (ironically) to do that.

I am absolutely blown away by this woman. She’s amazing. She’s got a good lawyer too already. FIL doesn’t know what to think. Lol. This backfired on him so bad…it’s absolutely beautiful. I hate his guts for my own reasons so I’m loving watching him get pulverized under her monstrous balls of steel. She’s already talking about changing her last name back to her maiden name. Like this woman is standing tall, marching on and talking about f&%^ing traveling. Balls of steel yo.

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