Dad’s New Girlfriend Tried Introducing Herself To Me As My “New Mom”.

It’s not easy for a child to call any woman a mother or any man a father. Especially when your mother is the one who single handedly took care of your every need while your father was too busy in his life being with another woman. Read the story of how this youngster responds to her father’s new girlfriend addressing herself as the new mom. What would you have done in such a situation?

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A short summary of my custody, mom has 75% and primary physical custody and they share legal custody. However, my dad is an abusive a^%&ole so I refused to see him after I was 13 for various reasons (all kinds of abuse and neglect) and mom and I moved to another state.

My mom never remarried but my dad had a series of girlfriends throughout my childhood. never really bothered me because he left when i was six weeks old and i never actually knew what it was like when my parents were romantically involved.

This happened when I was 12 or 13, I don’t remember exactly. I’m 30 now for reference.

Anyways, I came back from school to find an odd car parked on the street and my dad basically said “okay eggleston, you’re gonna meet my new girlfriend now.” i, having been conditioned by his abuse to constantly be silent, went along with him and just kinda ignored him with a very bored look on my face.

that pissed him off but whatever, that’s his usual. I walked into the basement (he had no money so he lived in an unfinished basement. everything was in one room, he had no bed, and dishes were done in the bathtub, yuck) and there’s a random woman there (significantly younger than my dad who is in his 50s) and she looks my up and down. with the most saccharine sweet tone she says, “hi eggleston! I’m your new mom” and smiles at me.

At this moment I was like “oh hell no.”

My mom raised me completely on her own and financed everything. a&%#ole father did not pay child support. She took care of me in every way and is the only one of the two that I consider an actual parent. this b&^*h was no way in hell my mom.

I told her to “f&%k off”, turned around, and went back up the stairs. I couldn’t drive but I was not having it.

They followed me up to the driveway and kept bothering me and asking why that offended me. Then this girl tries to come up and hug me (physical contact is a big no no) and I shoved her off me because WTF?

I still had my backpack and jacket with me, so I decided to just leave. They followed me for a while and tried to chase me down but a thirteen year old who is very pissed is a lot faster than a 50yo man and his very annoying girlfriend who should have not worn heels.

Once I got far enough away (20min out of the 40min walk to my moms house) i texted her to come pick me up and that was that.

I am in my 30’s now. At family gatherings both father and his mother(granny) still accuse me of sabotaging his true relationship. Could I have handled the situation more maturely?

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