Woman Is Furious After Her Expensive Dinner Gets “Ruined” By Toddlers, Proposes A New Policy To Deal With Chaotic Children.

Going out to a fine restaurant is meant to be a special occasion. This time should be spent in a pleasant setting connecting with yourself, a friend, or a loved one. But occasionally things go wrong, and your lovely evening is ruined. This is precisely what occurred to one woman, who recently shared how fancy dining experience was far from pleasant. Read the whole story and determine for yourself if she was unreasonable.

Source: Mumsnet

Four of us booked a table in an expensive restaurant last night for 7.30.

About 10 minutes after we’d sat down a couple came in pushing a buggy and with 2 other children in tow. They were seated at the table beside us.

One child kept bashing his spoon off the table, another kept crawling along the wide window sill so that he was right behind my head, and the baby was kept amused by the father playing peek-a-boo while she screamed excitedly. This went on and on.

We asked to be moved to another table. There were none available.Then the baby started crying loudly and the toddler got tired and cranky and joined the wailing.

We left without dessert and complained on the way out. They knocked the price of a bottle of wine off our bill.

Am I being unreasonable  to think expensive restaurants, charging a fortune, should have a policy for dealing with situations like this?

We paid a lot of money for a meal we couldn’t enjoy.

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