Woman Ask If She Is Wrong For Leaving Boyfriend For Yelling At Her.

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I’m a 29 year old woman.

He and I dated for about eight months. Our relationship was fine. We did things together, we had fun. There weren’t any obvious red flags, but I always got this feeling that he didn’t value me much. At times he seemed a bit cold and acted like he was annoyed with me for no apparent reason.

It all came to a head when, three days ago when we were hanging out at my place, he asked me to hand him the TV remote. I was sitting right next to him on the couch and was working on my laptop. I reached for the remote without looking and accidentally handed him my phone instead.

I thought it was funny after I realized what I had done. I laughed as I handed him the actual remote. He had that same annoyed look on his face. He began yelling at me and called me “a stupid bitch”.

I was stunned. I have NEVER raised my voice at him, or disrespected him in any way. I did not deserve to be treated this way. I told him our relationship was over and asked him to leave. He told me to calm down and stop overreacting.

I simply walked to the front door, opened it wide and told him to get out, and never come back. He walked out telling me I was being dramatic.

The very next day I returned the presents he had given me. They meant nothing to me now.

My friends are telling me that I DID overreact and I shouldn’t just end a relationship because he yelled at me once, and have asked me to patch things up. His friends too began harassing me on social media. I blocked them all (HIS friends, not mine).

I’m not going to reach out to him to try to “work things out” as some people have suggested. Because I know that I do not deserve this treatment. I’ve always treated him with respect and I deserve that in return. I am here for an unbiased opinion? Am I Overreacting?

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