Woman’s Brilliant Way To Evict Neighbor After The Cops Said “Nothing They Could Do”.

Good neighbours are priceless. However, your dream house can be turned into a nightmare by a terrible neighbour. It’s a fine line to walk. Read the story to know what happened between these two neighbours and let us know how you would handle the situation.

Source: Reddit

My (now ex) neighbor was pretty trashy. Cars sitting on blocks in the yard, cigarettes hanging out of her mouth while she’s 9 months pregnant, blasting Kid Rock tunes level trashy.

Well, this lady decided that paying $1.00 per trash bag was just too much. Our township will ONLY pick up your trash if it is in one of the approved purple bags though. So “normal” trash bags will just be left behind. The trash truck drives right past them.

Her solution? Buy normal trash bags at the dollar store, and have her 8 year old child toss them over the fence into my yard. Now their trash is my problem.

After confronting her, she just laughed. So I called the cops. They said that since the kid was so young, and there was no proof his parents told him to do it, there was nothing they could do.

So, this went on for about 4 months. Me taking the bags of trash they toss into my yard, wrapping them in purple bags that I paid out of pocket for, and putting them out to the curb. Pretty F***%ing annoying. Not to mention the extra $3 or so a week I’m spending on trash bags. I’m slowly growing to hate this woman. It was annoying at first, but I was getting mad.

Mind you, I own my home, and she was renting hers.

So I get a hold of their landlord, and I offer to buy the house for a decent amount above market value (17%). He jumps at the offer, and soon I am the proud owner of the house next door to me. Sure, it cost me $71k, but what price do you put on peace of mind?

The very first thing I did was serve them an eviction notice, in person, across that same fence they like to throw trash over. That was 31 days ago. As of today, the unit is empty. I don’t know where they went, but they’re someone else’s problem now. All because she didn’t want to pay for her own trash bags. I think I’m going to knock that house down and make my yard bigger. I’ve been wanting to put in a handball court.

Note for the profile stalkers: This is not the same neighbor with the husky, I like those neighbors.

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