Woman Gives $1 Each To Her Family And Leaves $9Million Estate For The Church. Karma.

Money is an important factor but also an important factor to destroy a relationship. Greed for more is not good. Read this story to know what this older lady did to her greddy niece and nephew. Let us know if you agree with her decision.

Source: Reddit

Sweet older lady in our church was a retired nurse. Never married, no kids.

She had a heart attack and while she was in the hospital, her niece and nephew thought she was dying. They came and TOOK HER STUFF. Her apartment was small but she had some very nice crystal and silver, and some lovely antique furniture. When she came home she had no dishes and almost no furniture. Niece and nephew denied it but the neighbors had seen them carting everything away.

Several years later, she passed away. Her most recent will, dated after her heart attack, left one dollar each to her niece and nephew. Everything else went to the church.


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