Woman Asks If She Is Right Asking MIL When Is She Is Going To Have Babies.

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I F/30 got engaged to my fiancé a month ago. My in-laws (especially MIL) are the type of people that ask a lot of questions, personal questions at that. Their questions tend to be hurtful sometimes but I tried not to get easily offended and mistake it personal” but those questions are getting out of control. Instead of lashing out and being rude I’ve decided to answer these questions by turning it back on my in-laws and asking them the same questions they ask me. For example…whenever my fiance and I are visiting.

My SIL would ask “hey when are you going to lose those pounds?!!” I go “when are YOU going to lose those pounds!??!, you’ve put on a LOT of weight recently” While pointing at her eyes wide open. She’d get then “easily offended”. FIL would ask “when are you going to get your own house?!?!” I go “when are YOU going to get your own house?!?!?, aren’t you 73 and still paying rent for your house?!?!” (They live in a rental house). He gets “highly offended”

BIL would ask ” when are you going yo get married?!?!” I go “when are YOU going to get married?!?!…you don’t even have a girlfriend yet!!!!”.

They’ve obviously picked up on my “vibe” but the blowup occurred last night when my fiance and I were at their house for dinner. MIL looked at me while I was eating and went on about kids and grandchildren she then asked “when are you going to start giving us babies???” My fiance looked at me in an “oh boy” type of way. I felt no hesitation. I looked at her and said “when are YOU going to start giving us babies, that’s what I wanna know!!!. The table went quiet though some family members laughed. MIL and her daughter and husband made all types of angry faces then dinner was over.

I got scolded by my fiance on the way home telling me I was being rude with the way I talk back and respond to his family’s innocent questions (yeah questions they’ve already asked a million times before [hard eye roll] but whatever). We got into an argument and he then looked at me and said “why are you being hostile?” I said “why are YOU being hostile getting in my face and yelling?!?!” He yelled at me again saying I’m driving him crazy and called me childish and immature then stormed  off to the bathroom. What are your opinions?  Did I go too far here?

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