Boy Tells To Cover Her Legs If She Doesn’t Want His Friends To Make Fun Of Her.

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So this sounds weird but I’m in the 8th grade and we’re doing senior trips all of this week. Yesterday we went to a trampoline park, but this is a throwaway so I won’t say which one. But one of my classmates wore shorts, but she has eczema and has these hyperpigmentation spots on her legs.

On the right she has this really big one, and one the left she has multiple smaller ones. They’re all healed but it’s just hyperpigmentation that’s left. But another one of our classmates who’s also my friend kept talking to me about the spots. And he even jokingly referred to them as cow spots or giraffe spots. And she heard us and got upset and told us “leave my legs out of your conversation. I get enough sh%t from strangers thinking I’ll give their kids a disease.” And my friend told her to mind her business.

While I told her “if you don’t want people talking about your legs, then cover them up.” And one of her friends came to play knight in shining armor and said “cover up and die of heatstroke? Because it’s only getting hotter here in the Bronx, and no one is wearing sweats all the time.” A teacher then broke it up. So Am I A Jerk?

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