Bridesmaid Is No Longer Invited For The Wedding As She Couldn’t Afford The Bachelorette Party

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I’m getting married in a few weeks and this recently happened. I’ve been stressed since this happened.

One of my bridesmaids (Ashley, F30) is having money issues. I truly empathize with her. Her husband lost his job and she only works in retail. Since things are tight, when I offered her the position of bridesmaid I told her that I’d be okay if she turned it down. I had no intention of changing my plans for one person. She insisted that it would be fine so I happily let her be a bridesmaid.

Things seemed to be going well. I tried to choose an expensive wedding dress and shoes, finding an inexpensive makeup artist and nail salon. In total everything was around 350.

I’ve chosen to have my bachelorette party at Disneyland. Which is expensive and I understand but it’s been my dream. As the trip neared, Ashley still hadn’t bought her tickets. I asked when she’s going to do that since due to COVID the parks are still at limited capacity. Plus I’m getting tickets for fantasmic dining and need a number for the people coming (I’m only asking them to pay for half of that).

I asked Ashley if she’s buying a ticket and she lost it. Telling me it’s inexcusable for me to expect her to spend upwards of 1000 dollars on all the festivities when she can barely afford rent. I told her she didn’t have to be a bridesmaid and she told me it’s ridiculous I expected her to sit out on the activities because she can’t afford them.

Ashley told me that if I wanted her to participate, I should’ve paid for it. I responded that she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore because she’s no longer invited to the wedding. I blocked her, but some of my other bridesmaids think I overreacted and should let her be in the wedding again. So, Am I A Jerk for kicking Ashley out of the wedding?

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