Adult Daughter Wants To Move Back Home And Shift To Her Brother’s Handicap-Accessible Room

Parenting is undoubtedly a challenging task since even as the children become older, some of them will still require care. Still, some of them would be challenging to manage. Read this story of a father’s difficult situation and help him out in what he should do.

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I’m a father of 2 “Natalie” ‘age 24 and “Jonathan” ‘age 17. Jonathan had mobility issues throughout his childhood and it got worse as he grew up. He became a full time wheelchair user 2 years ago after he had a serious accident that left him in a worse state than he was before. Natalie moved out for college at the age of 18 and then moved in with her now ex boyfriend.

Now I need to mention that because Natalie is my oldest she had the bigger room in the house. Jonathan had the smaller room which was fine by him but now it’s different. With the major changes in his life and needing a wheelchair to move around I have considered moving him into Natalie’s old room that she hasn’t used in years.

I first called her to let her know and she gave me the green light to go ahead and do what’s best for her brother and make his life easier. I renovated it and added things in it to accommodate Jonathan’s needs and it cost money. Remember that was almost 2 years ago.

Few days ago Natalie called saying she had a huge fight with her now ex after she caught him with someone and was staying at the hotel. We talked a little and she asked me to empty her bedroom and move Jonathan back to his old room because she wanted hers back and said it’d be cool if her mom and I prepared it for when she moves in with us. I was taken aback completely. I said I can’t move Jonathan out since he needs the room. I explained he needs the space to move freely but she said it’s her room no matter how many years she has been away from home. I called her unreasonable and reminded her that she said I could give the room to Jonathan but she said she wants it and expects to have it back now.

We went back and forth on this issue and I refused to give it back to her. She threw a fit saying I should be supporting her and giving her shelter in this hard time and I replied I know she’s struggling and she’s welcome to come but the room was off limits. She got more upset saying I was favoring Jonathan over her and got my wife feeling guilty saying she will be staying at the hotel til we tell her her room was ready for her which I declined to do and said she could stay there then. This morning I found out my wife’s been sending her money to pay for her hotel stay and she’s been telling the family I’m keeping her out of the house. In my defense I told them Natalie wants the room but Jonathan needs it and I already spent money to renovate it.

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