Woman asks if she’s wrong for refusing to donate vacation days to pregnant coworker.

It’s good to help folks who are going through a difficult time, such as a pregnancy. But what if it means sacrificing your personal time off? After colleagues accused her of being cruel, a lady was wondering if it was appropriate for her to refuse to do this in her own employment. Read the story and let her out.

Source: Reddit

I(24F) work as tech support in a telecom company. They don’t provide paid maternity leave but “fundraises” whenever a pregnant women needs time off.

We all get 2 weeks vacation, 5 sick days and 3 PTO but my pregnant coworker used up some of it already. So my boss asked everyone to “donate” and most people have given a day but I used up a week of vacation and PTO days already and I’m leaving in July to visit family and booked a full week (9 days if you count the weekends).

My coworkers are pressuring me to give up my vacation days since they feel like I don’t need them being single w/o kids but I already bought my plane ticket. I also don’t really know the pregnant lady and don’t feel like my responsibility when my boss could just give her the days. Am I A Jerk if I don’t “donate” my vacation days?

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