Woman asks if she’s wrong to keep window shade open on flight.

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So when I fly I go out of my way to ensure I have a window seat as I enjoy both looking out the window and having the warm sun shine on me. On this flight I’m on I have the window seat and there’s one lady in the aisle seat (nobody in the middle seat).

As soon as I get to my seat and politely tell her that I’m sitting here and signaling her to get up so I can sit down she’s already sighing, not sure why. Not even 10 minutes into the flight I’m resting my head on the table you pull down from the seat. Headphones in listening to music, with my face towards the window enjoying the sun on my face. Mind you this is a 7am flight and we are on the side where the sun rises. She taps my shoulder and says “can you shut the window shade?”. I say “sorry but the whole reason I purchased a window seat is to look out the window” she just goes “okay, great” and lets out a huge exaggerated sigh. I put my headphones in and go back to what I was doing for the rest of the 2hr flight.

I kind of can see where she’s coming from but if she insists on having the shade shut then she could have purchased a window seat. I paid an extra $30 or whatever it was so I feel as if I should be able to do whatever I want with the window shade… Am I acting as a Jerk?

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