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Woman called out for ‘terrible’ wedding guest dress.

After showing a garment she thought was the “ideal” gown to wear as a wedding guest, a TikToker accidentally sparked a heated conversation regarding wedding etiquette.

Lauren Candy, who goes by the handle @laurencandy3, shared a brief video of the garment with her 260,000 followers.

@laurencandy3 Asos this is a dream🥹 #weddingguest #weddingguestdress #asoshaul #asos ♬ الصوت الأصلي – b5he

She wore a sage green ASOS DESIGN Bridesmaid cami embroidered midi dress that she described as quite likely the most gorgeous wedding guest outfit ever.

With a midi-length tiered skirt and flower embroidery, the dress seems to be ideal for summer. Nevertheless, if you add it to your cart, it will cost you £110.

Lauren had no idea she had started a heated debate over suitable wedding guest attire, with the ASOS dress at the center of it all.

Several individuals thought the dress seemed white on video, which is generally designated for the bride according to wedding dress code etiquette.

Moreover, we’ve seen what occurs on the internet when someone other than the bride wears white to the wedding.

The clothing sparked outrage in Lauren’s comments section, with some TikTok viewers presumably repeating the iconic #bluedress #golddress discussion from 2015, except this time the colours were green against white!

“If there’s a possibility it appears white on video, that’s a no-go!” one lady said.

“But it doesn’t appear white,” someone else said. “This is undeniably green.”

Nevertheless, a third commenter said that she possesses a garment the same colour as the one shown in the video and that it appears white on camera. She said that it will seem white in direct sunshine, particularly on camera. She have a dress in this identical colour.

However, not everyone was persuaded that the gown would appear green in photographs. “I know it’s sage green, but it’s really white,” one person commented.

“Y’all: with brightness and flash and sun and Jesus coming back and blinding the guests, the dress would seem white,” another user said.

Several other ladies reached the same conclusion, with one viewer noting, “Too near to white.” If the light in your room is bright enough to produce this light, it will most likely appear white in photographs or outside.”

Lauren attempted to defend the garment, admitting that she used a filter while filming the video and telling another user that it does seem green in person.

Yet, if the dress seems white or not, there’s no doubting how stunning it is – what do you think?

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