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‘Traditional housewife’ lets her husband sleep with other women to keep him happy.

Monica, a stay-at-home wife, claims she is so committed to keeping her husband happy that she allows him to sleep with other women outside of their marriage.

Monica’s ‘traditional housewife’ lifestyle includes allowing her partner of six years to get wild with many ladies, in addition to preparing every meal for her husband John, keeping their home clean, and making sure she always looks her best for him.

When he’s not sleeping or doing ‘manly’ things, Monica believes she spends 98 percent of her time with her husband.

Monica, 37, said in an interview that she has always had a submissive side and has always been attracted to aggressive and authoritative guys.

Being a conventional housewife is her love language; therefore, she likes it. She likes making people she cares about happy.

It’s not like she is a hopeless little girl or something. It’s simply that he’s assertive, which she likes in a guy.

Monica makes sure she looks nice every day before starting her long list of “typical housewife” things to do while her husband watches.

Her mother always advised her to be attractive and in excellent condition since nobody wants an overweight and ugly wife, she says.

Yet, not everybody agrees with Monica and John’s traditional way of life.

Monica revealed that she really had childhood friends come out to her and tell her she has lost her dignity as a woman and that she shouldn’t have children since she’d be a terrible mother because children do what the parents do.

Monica’s pals are also dissatisfied with Monica and John’s extramarital relationship.

Monica said she consented to the arrangement. She feels that, as a female, she has a different take on sex than a guy has. So it’s simply a game for a man.

She knows he loves her because he comes home to her and takes incredibly wonderful care of her.

It’s a luxury that most men wish they had, simply because of genetic programming, John explained from his home office, which is crammed with action figures. If one look at how other animals do it, the alpha male usually gets to bang all the ladies.

He believes it implies a lot more ease in their relationship since there’s nothing he wants that he can’t have. And he believe it makes him a better spouse.

Monica argues that she is content with the connection she has formed with John, regardless of what her friends, family, or anybody else thinks.

She can understand how individuals unfamiliar with them may say, ‘oh that’s not healthy,’ or ‘that’s horrible,’ but she think it’s a completely other thing if one is a nice person and one is with someone one really, really love and soulmates.

She loves her marriage and she loves him, and she doesn’t see anything preventing them from living this way forever.

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