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Newlyweds Save Flight From Disaster, Airline Shows No Appreciation (Photos).

Mike and Rachel Brumfield were newlyweds headed from New Jersey to Venice, Italy, for their honeymoon when things took a turn for bride and groom. The pair noticed something strange after boarding their United Airlines flight at Newark Airport and glancing out the plane’s window.

The couple quickly realized that there was fuel leaking from the edge of the plane’s left wing—but leaking might be a bit of an understatement because it was gushing. It looked to be a potential disaster in the making for Flight 170, to be sure. However, when they tried to warn the crew, they were initially yelled at and told to sit down.

But, everything wasn’t normal, and the 28-year-old bride and her groom likely saved the flight from potential disaster by persisting in pointing out the fuel leak to the oblivious crew. When crew members finally looked out the window for themselves, they then rushed to the cockpit, the plane’s engine went off, and fire trucks came rushing toward the plane. However, the Brumfields didn’t get a hero’s thank-you when they ended up stranded by the airline. Instead, their treatment, which was eventually shared on Facebook, left social media users floored. No pun intended.

Although it’s unclear where the 767’s fuel leak originated or how much fuel was spilled, the United Airlines flight was obviously delayed for a good reason. However, while other passengers were placed in a hotel overnight as the airline hoped to have them on a new flight the following day, the Brumfields never got a hotel.

Rightfully upset to see his new bride curled up on the floor when the two should have been celebrating their recent nuptials, Mike took to Facebook to blast United Airlines for failing to accommodate him and his wife during what was supposed to be their honeymoon trip, as the pair worried about making it to Venice in time for their cruise.

his lovely wife on their honeymoon. “Thank you, United Airlines,” Mike replied, attaching a picture of Rachel sleeping on the airport floor. They stopped ones United Flight 170 from crashing into the Ocean, they complimented them stating they’d take GOOOOD care of them then cancelled the trip and vanished, he went on. They arrived 11 hours ago. They’ve been stuck. Every hotel has been reserved. “They also have no clue where their stuff is and don’t seem to care,” he continued.

They’re meant to be in Venice right now, getting ready for a romantic day. However, thankfully, some United Airlines staff have been really unpleasant to them, so there’s that! Mike said cynically. She will never fly United again, claimed Rachel, a professional pianist from Chicago who met Mike at a duelling piano club where they both enjoyed tickling the ivories. “Everyone there was terrible,” she said about the airline.

Mike and Rachel were able to arrange a last-minute Delta ticket. United Airlines just provided them with a meal voucher and no lodging. The newlyweds slept on the baggage claim floor until 7:30 a.m., when another customer offered them his hotel certificate.

However, the terrible start to their married life hasn’t dampened things for the newlyweds, who subsequently revealed on social media that they are expecting their first child.

The next day, United Airlines made a statement on the event but did not recognize Mike Brumfield’s claims. When taxiing to the runway last evening, United flight 170 from Newark to Venice, Italy was forced to return to the gate owing to a fuel leak and was subsequently cancelled, United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin told the New York Post. They regret the difficulty caused to their consumers. Their staff assisted clients in obtaining overnight hotel rooms and is trying to have them back on their way to Venice today.

Mike and Rachel Brumfield had a dreadful experience at a moment that should have been full with happy memories, but it wasn’t because of United Airlines. Their experience exemplifies how not to handle a paying client if you want to continue in business.

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