Woman Can’t Stop Crying Witnessing Her Own Christmas Miracle.

Story by Kathy Cushman

I received my own Christmas miracle tonight. And I can’t stop ugly crying. I’m self-employed in the wedding industry renting decor. My business is down 60% this year and I’m barely hanging on. My car broke down on Halloween and I’ve been without one pretty much without one since.

A few years ago I donated wedding decor to a couple that were evacuated due to the fires in my area. Both their planned and backup venue were no longer available. Evacuation happened 48 hours before their wedding.

Their family tonight, 3 years later, brought me a Christmas card. In the card was the exact amount I needed to get my car fixed. These were strangers to me when I donated the decor. And to have them come back these years later out of the blue and help me has me ugly crying. No one knew about my car. It’s my own personal Christmas miracle. Love to all. I’m blessed beyond what I ever deserve.

The picture is my wedding decor used at a live nativity a few weeks ago.

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