Parents Went Silent When Their Kid Asked About Santa Claus.

Story by Bailey Koch

I’ll never forget the day our youngest sat next to me on the couch watching television. While what we were watching was relatively kid-friendly, I failed to remember there was a reference to Santa being the parents.

I sat still wondering if my son had noticed the conversation. All of the sudden, he pipes up with, “Wait. You’re Santa? Santa’s not real?”

My husband and older son sat silent, and I chimed in immediately, “Oh my goodness!” With excitement in my voice, I looked at my husband and said, “Do you think he’s ready?”

My youngest asked quickly as he straightened himself up, “Ready for what? I’m ready!”

“I think he’s ready.” my husband said with a smile.

“Ready for what?! What is happening?!”

“To become a Santa with us, buddy.”

“I could be a Santa?!”

“That’s who Santa really is, sweetheart. When you are old enough, you learn that giving is better than receiving. You learn to give without asking for anything in return. You become a Santa.”

“Oh my gosh! So I’m a Santa now?!”

“You are, my love. Congratulations on being a big kid.”

“Who do I give to then?! I’m ready!”

And the conversation continued. And there was no sadness…only excitement. And he purchased items for others with mommy in order to surprise them and see the joy in their eyes.

When our kids grew old enough, they didn’t learn Santa wasn’t real; they learned Santa is in all of us. And they proudly accepted the new role of being givers.

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