Woman Marries Death Row Inmate But Tells Family She’s Visiting Disneyland

A British lady informed her family that she was going to Disneyland in the United States. In reality, she was marrying a convicted killer on death row.

Rebecca Short, 26, married Manuel Ovante Jr, 35, at Arizona’s Eyman state jail recently.

Ovante was sentenced to death in 2010 for the deaths of Jordan Trujillo and Damien Vickers in a failed cocaine robbery two years earlier. In the encounter, he also wounded Gabriel Valenzuela and ultimately pled guilty to the two murders and aggravated attack.

According to her colleagues, Short, a trainee dental nurse from Oxfordshire, is ‘fascinated’ with serial killer movies on Netflix, and she met him after seeing his penpal profile on the web.

She even shared images of herself standing at the theme park in Florida and other locations, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, after informing her family she was going on vacation.

Then, on April 14, she tweeted images of herself and Ovante in the jail, which houses over 4,000 medium and high security inmates. Luckily, he was permitted to leave his cell for the service.

Short, as previously reported, delivered a black wedding cake with red rose frosting and an inscription that read: “Till death do us part!”

One of her neighbors stated that Short did tell her about it but she doesn’t really want to talk about it because it’s not her family.

Her nameless buddy said, she was always obsessed with viewing Netflix films about serial murderers in America, but no one expected her to go off and marry one.

Ovante was also discovered on the website, where his profile stated: He is a clown who is easy to get along with. He is extremely devoted to the individuals he cares about. Nobody is flawless, therefore he hopes he is not judged by his faults in the past. He enjoys reading and listening to music. Bonnie is the name of his daughter. He is not sure what he is searching for in a pen buddy, so you’ll just have to amaze him. He suppose somebody to make him stay here more bearable. Somebody with a good sense of humor who loves life.

Eyman has 113 convicts on death row, with the majority serving an average of 17 years before being executed by lethal injection.

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