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Woman praised for ditching heavy makeup & fake eyelashes.

In this filter-obsessed world, it’s always nice to see someone go the natural path, and that’s precisely what one cosmetic addict opted to do.

Of course, irrespective of how much makeup or filters a person uses, everyone is attractive in their own unique way, and what someone chooses to do with their looks is none of their concern but their own.

But, for Australian Venus Turner, a drastic adjustment in her beauty regimen proved to be the greatest move she ever made.


2 different people 😂

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Venus, a nail technician and content producer from Sydney, is well-known for her glossy TikTok videos and giving viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at her business – and it’s fair to say that cosmetics play an important role in her life.

Venus, on the other hand, chose to remove her makeup and show viewers her real look in a recent TikTok video.

The video, captioned “2 different people” and with the on-screen text “Me after realizing thick lashes and heavy makeup wasn’t for me,” shows Venus in full glam before displaying her naked, makeup-free face.

Venus appears stunning in both photos, but many were blown away by her natural beauty.

Although TikTok has recently seen trends of much more minimalistic cosmetic looks, which suggests that hefty lash extensions may be on the way out, it seems that one TikToker took this lash-less notion to a whole new level.

And trust me when I tell that her beauty hack made quite a stir on the internet.

This is due to the fact that TikToker has begun snipping off her bottom lashes with scissors that are dangerously close to her eyes.

Carrie Madders, the lady behind the mayhem, said that the near-surgical operation made her eyes seem more ‘open,’ while the presence of her bottom lashes looked to ‘shut’ her eyes and cast a ‘unwanted shadow’.

Others were horrified by the do-it-yourself lash clipping.

Now, it turns out that this is correct, since the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that eyelashes reduce irritation and behave like human whiskers.

They function as “dust catchers,” shielding the eye from debris that might impair vision or cause illness or harm.

Therefore, before you go racing to the scissors to give yourself a DIY lash makeover, think carefully.

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