Woman Refuses To Host Her Stepdaughter’s Engagement Party Because She Can’t Stand The Groom’s Insufferable Mother

There is usually that one family member whom everyone despises. When strangers inquire as to why we put up with them, the genuine answer is because they are a member of the family. There is usually that one family member whom everyone despises. In this story the woman wondered if she was right or wrong for not hosting her stepdaughter’s engagement party because she detests the annoying mother of the groom.

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My husband’s daughter, we’ll call her Clara, recently got engaged and he wanted to throw them a party. This is important to him as he feels he feels our daughter together got better birthday parties and this is a point of contention with him. I wasn’t even around when she was having these lackluster parties, so I don’t know how it is my fault, but somehow it is.

At first I agreed, but when I thought about it, the groom’s mother was banned from our house. She called me a wh**e to mutual friends, and she got drunk at our house and announced we are bad people for getting married and having a baby, because she never would have done that to her son, and she bragged about how she never introduced a single boyfriend to her son because he wasn’t ok with it. That is her choice, but personally I don’t think it is healthy to let a child run your life to that extent. She also breastfed her daughter at a dinner party which was fine, but caused her to spill food all over my couch. When I was annoyed she told people I’m anti-breast feeding, and made a joke about how Clara will never want to bring her future children to our house.

Needless to say she is banned. My husband already told Clara about the party. He then had to backtrack and explain that while he still wants to throw her a party, the groom’s mother cannot come. Clara got irritated and said she didn’t want the party then and that he was making her event about me. She said I should have thicker skin and not care what this woman says, and cited that her fiance offered to pay for our couch.

My husband asked me to reconsider and I said no. There really isn’t time to book a venue, so we are just going to cancel. He is now mad at me and thinks I should let it go this one time. I am just not ok with being disrespected, or having someone say my daughter should not exist right in front of my daughter.

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