Woman who almost stomped her 2-year-old daughter to death for making a mess escapes jail time

In an appalling consequence, a 26-year-old anonymous mom from Darwin, who just maltreated her toddler to death for creating a chaos in the kitchen, has not been punished to jail.

The mother pleaded guilty to instigating illicit harm throughout the Supreme Court proceedings.

The lady, mom to two young broods, allegedly exposed her 2-year-old daughter to unbelievable ferocity in July 2021 which caused the kid suffering a scratch in the liver tissue and severe blood loss. Throughout the painful event, the mother apparently stomped her offspring before vacating the area for a short while.  

When she came back, she found her child lying on the ground just conscious as her skin was gradually turning blue. The lady’s significant other quickly woke up after hearing panicky loud noise and when he went to weigh the circumstances, his spouse admitted to stomping the girl for the reason that the kids kept interfering and despoiling the house.

Subsequent the fierce thrashing, her spouse hurried their toddler to the hospital where she was admitted for four days to get well. Judge told the mother that there was a chance that her daughter deceased without artificial respiration treatment and administration.

In spite of the cruel behavior, her 2-year and three months jail judgement were completely thrown out.

The mother said to the court of law that she had developed PTSD, nervousness and postnatal despair after her child was born. She was apparently hopeless in her nuptial.

After the shocking event, she spent several nights in the hospice’s psychiatric ward, appealing her mental well-being problems were the reason. The law court heard that she is experiencing therapy to benefit her mental health and temper difficulties. 

The young broods were left enormously troubled by the event and their dad left his occupation to look after them.

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